During this very unsettling time in our country and the world I'm concerned not only about my own personal health and safety but also that of my family as well as clients who I interact with in my studio. I wear a mask whenever I leave my house, a social distance is kept whether interacting with a family, friend or a stranger and my hands are washed frequently during the day. No exemptions. I take this virus and it's ability to spread and infect very seriously and I accept these precautions as part of my life and social and business responsibility. And due to my vigilance I'm proud to say I provide a clean, safe environment for family portraits, corporate headshots or any other in studio photography. While I'm able to work on location taking all the necessary precautions in a home or office if your needs are such that an in studio session is the best fit for your project you know you'll be safe with me.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy

Jeff Cohen